Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughts of the day

         There is a story about a man named Korihor in the Book of Mormon, who refuses to believe in God. He actually rejects the reality that there is a God, until Alma, the prophet shows him a sign. The sad part is that he eventually gets what he wants and faces a tragic ending. When I read this account this morning, a talk from a recent conference report from an apostle of the Lord, came to my mind. He mentioned to us about how sometimes it is hard to follow the commandments of God. Often we try to tell ourselves that a particular commandment doesn't apply to us for some reason or another. He asked us "Where is your faith?" In reality this can be compared to seeking a sign before we are willing to go forward with what is asked of us by God. We should check and make sure we are not waiting for some sign until we are willing to follow his words. I wish Korihor would of taken a moment to exercise a little faith and then he would of known for himself that God really does exist. It is defiantly easier to see this reality if we too exercise a little faith. Peace seems to always attend those who try to seek God and follow after his will. Isn't that a sign enough?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thought of the day

In Alma chapter four we read about a group of people who waxed proud. They were normal people just like you and me who started to focus more on the things of the world instead of focusing on who God would have them to become.In verse 12 it breaks down exactly what these people started doing. For example, despising others, turning their backs upon the needy and the naked, and those who were hungry and those who were athirst and those who were sick and afflicted. These people seem like terribly mean people who have no heart, but than I thought that they are probably more like me than I want to believe. How often have I bought myself an expensive outfit? Have I spent money on things that I really didn't need? Who could I have helped instead.  I think it would be easier to see my folly if the poor, hungry, or needy had to walk around with me in the stores and watch me buy myself all these things I really didn't need, especially knowing in my heart that they are starving or don't even have a place to stay. Oh, may I care a lot more, and may I have eyes to see myself as I really am. May I not be the one who is turning my back on the poor and the needy. May it not be written of me that which was written of them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thoughts of the day

         In the Book of Mormon we read about a wicked king named Noah. In Mosiah chapter eleven verse three, we learn that the king's selfishness caused his people to pay one fifth of all they possessed to support him in his iniquities. What could my selfishness require of others?  Could I be taking a portion of their good feelings they could of had, if I had been more pleasant?  Could I be causing the poor to suffer even more, because I am unwilling to share? Could I be withholding my services to someone that could of been blessed by me? Are their people who are in need of my compliments or praise?  Even my example could be stealing away a portion of what my influence could of had on them.and what they were to become. I hope in my life I am giving instead of taking away.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thoughts of the day

The other day, I realized as I was reading in Jacob chapter 2 verse 5 in the Book of Mormon, that the reason the Nephites were suffering so much at this time, was because they had forgotten the commandments of the Lord. I pondered how can this have happened to them and more especially how could it happen to me and what I could do to help avoid this tragedy. I realized that one way to be sure I didn't forget to live the commandments I have been given through his servants the prophets, the scriptures, or through personal revelation would be to act quickly on those things that I learn or have received. By applying quickly what we are taught, we naturally acquire the skills and attributes that allow us to more perfectly follow the Savior. We no longer have to remember what we are already doing!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts of the day

Nephi, one of the Book of Mormon prophets  knew that God had given him a commandment to get the brass plates. Even though he knew that it would be a hard thing to accomplish, he was still  faithful to the commandments he received from God. He trusted that through God's wisdom; he could accomplish what the Lord had commanded him to do. Likewise, there are trials we must face that sometimes are to overwhelming for us, but we need to know for ourselves, that it is through the wisdom of God that we must face these things.  We need to have the faith and determination, like Nephi did, to accomplish what the Lord commands of us, no matter how hard things may seem. Nephi never gave up. He figured out a way to accomplish what the Lord had given him to do,even though it meant  losing all of his family's possessions. What do we need to give up or do, to help us accomplish what the Lord would have us to do and become.  Sometimes in life, we feel a need for his grace, so much more than at other times.  What could we give up to have his help more during those times of our greatest need?  We are here to accomplish his work.  He didn't say it would be easy he only promises us that it would be worth it. And the great thing is, he will help us be successful.

If you would like a copy of the Book of Mormon make a comment on my blog and I will try to get you a copy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thoughts of the day

    In 3Nephi chapter five, which is found in the Book of Mormon, talks about a group of people called the Nephites, who at this time in history,were brought to a point in their lives where they did not doubt in the least the words of all the holy prophets who had spoken. What brought these people to that point? What can bring us to that same kind of dedication to his prophet and apostles today? In  John Chapter 7 verse 17, we read "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. Have you ever done any of God's commandments and not feel something? When I read the scriptures, I feel peace. When I pray I feel peace. When I serve others, I feel peace. Is that not a witness? Neil L. Anderson, who is one of the Lord's  apostles for our day has told us that we don't know everything, but we know enough. We will be hearing from  our prophet President Thomas S. Monson and apostles this weekend at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You can also view their messages on line at or watch it on the BYU station. You can view their messages if your in Eastern time from 12-2 and 4-6. If you are Western time, you can view their messages from 10-12 and 2-4pm. I know that God speaks to a living prophet today, because of the promise God gave us in John chapter 7 verse 17.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Thoughts of the day

      We are not only asked to learn of Him and His words, but we are asked to do those things that we come to learn. Often what we know isn't always what we do or have applied yet to our lives.This brings us to a need for Christ atonement. Through Him we can make the changes we need, so that one day what we know and what we do come in harmony with each other. We are so blessed to be able to repent.