Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughts of the day

         There is a story about a man named Korihor in the Book of Mormon, who refuses to believe in God. He actually rejects the reality that there is a God, until Alma, the prophet shows him a sign. The sad part is that he eventually gets what he wants and faces a tragic ending. When I read this account this morning, a talk from a recent conference report from an apostle of the Lord, came to my mind. He mentioned to us about how sometimes it is hard to follow the commandments of God. Often we try to tell ourselves that a particular commandment doesn't apply to us for some reason or another. He asked us "Where is your faith?" In reality this can be compared to seeking a sign before we are willing to go forward with what is asked of us by God. We should check and make sure we are not waiting for some sign until we are willing to follow his words. I wish Korihor would of taken a moment to exercise a little faith and then he would of known for himself that God really does exist. It is defiantly easier to see this reality if we too exercise a little faith. Peace seems to always attend those who try to seek God and follow after his will. Isn't that a sign enough?

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